Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Spiraling into the darkness

 So there you are, on the verge of writing something sardonic, possibly even lighthearted, about the whacky holiday season and then the good old USA once again raises its warped collective pysche, determined to inflict more horror and brutality upon itself. The mass killing extravaganza underway seems to occur once a week now (because, if nothing else, we Americans recognize the importance of staying on schedule), the latest one in Connecticut far beyond what anyone with even a smidgen of humanity can conceive, let alone somehow process. How is it possible, even within the twisted, fucked up recesses of a diseased brain, to decide upon murdering children?

Right on cue - after the shopping mall killings, but prior to the murder rampage in Ct. - the right wing moron battalion, armed with the usual semi-automatic platitudes, hit the news channels in defense of firearms. These people, some of whom we have to assume are not hopelessly retarded, are still capable of reminding us that 'guns don't kill people, people kill people,' with a straight face.
(the use of this particular cliche, in my opinion, should result in a mandatory one year jail sentence)
I even heard one of these assholes say that assault weapons were not the issue because, in lieu of a just squeeze the trigger and wipe out your entire extended family in less time than it takes to say Merry Christmas automatic rifle, a person bent of mass murder will simply use explosives or biological weapons.  Yeah, or maybe they'll just cobble together a nuclear bomb in the basement. 
Another favorite of the gun lobby lackeys is to drag out the second amendment which, in case you didn't know, was actually written in the blood of Jesus, rendering it sacrosanct and inviolable, apparently, until the end of time. God forbid that 200 plus years of social change (i.e. mutation) might lead one to question the continued relevancy of allowing the militia (i.e. nut cases) to bear arms.

So now we're going to be hearing about how this little prick living in upper middle class suburban Connecticut with all the creature comforts was troubled, how he had problems, which provoked him to crawl out from beneath the slimy rock of his self-important psychosis and start killing kids. Oh please! You have problems, deal with them. Take some responsibility for your own pathetic existence.  His mommy, it seems, handled things by giving him guns to play with, teaching him how to shoot.  Talk about responsible parenting.
Only in America, the self-proclaimed greatest country on Earth, is this stuff happening. What does that say about the 'Land of the Free?'  Too much freedom, far too little insight into how to use it in creative, life-affirming ways?

And while it may be justified for long-winded religious leaders to comfort the grieving parents by reminding them that their lost children are in heaven with God, let's face it ... if there was a God, wouldn't this have been the ideal time for Him to hop off his solipsistic high horse and intervene? A single, well-aimed lightening bolt to the head of this monster before he was able to get into the school would have gone a long way towards renewing my faith.

Anyway, it appears that Christmas this year is among the casualties of the season's insane violence.
We'll try again next year, assuming any of us are still around to celebrate.